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Metro Vancouver Indigenous Services Society

We believe in a healing continuum for Indigenous communities from generations of disruptive policies and practices.

About Us

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

MVISS stands with our healthy, thriving, urban Indigenous community inherently connected to our ancestral visions, grounded in diverse cultural knowledge & practices living in harmonious balance to celebrate each other’s gifts.

Mission Statement

MVISS provides culturally diverse support services creating a safe & caring environment for people to connect with self and community by healing their trauma to achieve physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing grounded in Indigenous wisdom and resilience.


  • Metro Vancouver Indigenous Services Society (MVISS)
  1. To provide the Indigenous community of Metro Vancouver with:
    1. mental health and substance use services; and
    2. training and capacity building services;
  2. To assist, support, research, and undertake, if necessary, any program or activity designed to promote mental health and substance use services to the Indigenous community of Metro Vancouver;
  3. To provide any other service to the Indigenous Community of Metro Vancouver where there is a gap in services or a need; and
  4. To provide any other services or support ancillary to the purposes of the Society.

We believe in a healing continuum for Indigenous communities from generations of disruptive
policies and practices.
We base our services on both culturally-based and trauma-informed practices.
We acknowledge that we need to address the underlying root causes that lead some
Indigenous people into mental wellness challenges and substance misuse.
We believe there is nothing wrong with Indigenous cultures that needs to be changed.
We assert that in many cases, what Indigenous people experience are normal reactions to
abnormal situations.

The program service delivery model will:

  • Be culturally-based and trauma-informed;
  • Rely on Indigenous Cultures as the Intervention;
  • Operate under Relational Care and Indigenous Human Development approaches;
  • Apply what we refer to as Indigience (a mix between Indigenous Knowledge and program science) to ensure we back up our approaches with a solid evidence-base.

Our Services

  • Group Healing Facilitation aimed at underlying root causes will be the heart of our program.
  • Individual and Family Counseling.
  • Culturally-based, trauma-informed practice.
  • Linkages and referrals support to detox, daytox, residential treatment, BC Mood Disorder clinic, etc.
  • Group work on areas such as: sexual abuse; grief and loss; historic trauma; residential school impacts, psychodramatic bodywork, etc.
  • Outreach, community development and capacity building, including to the North Shore and Richmond.
  • Safe space for community healing activities, such as 12-step groups, etc.
  • A cultural strengths-based approach based on Indigience, Relational Care, Indigenous Human Development and using the Native Wellness Assessment@ developed by the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation.
  • Elders, Cultural Workers and other Knowledge Keepers.
  • Youth-targeted services within a life-span approach and wraparound structure.
  • Indigenous cultural-competency training for non-Indigenous staff who serve Indigenous people.
  • Partnership agreements with related agencies to enhance and expand service delivery.
  • See our current Programs Calendar and Intake Package 

How do I access MVISS

Sept Calendar

Our Board

2019-2020 Board of Directors

  • Susan Tatoosh, Chair
  • Norm Leech, Vice-Chair
  • Lynn White, Secretary
  • Dan Guinan, Treasurer
  • Jenna Forbes, Director
  • Olivia Jim, Director
  • Dave Eddy, Director
  • Diana Day, Director
  • Marcel Swain, Director

Our Staff

  • Kevin Barlow, CEO, Ext 101 (Mi’kmaq, Indian Island, NB)
  • Darlene Fiddler, Program Director, Ext 108 (Kwakwa̱ka̱’wakwNation, from the MusgawmaGwa'yi Dzawa̱da̱'enux̱w tribe of Kingcome Inlet, BC)
  • Ivan Voyageur, Mental Wellness Counselor Facilitator, Ext 109 (Musgamagw/ Dzawadaenuxw Nation, also registered with the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation,AB)
  • Ashely Rosman, Mental Wellness Counselor Facilitator, Ext 114 (Nlaka’pamux Nation, Lytton BC)
  • Darryl Gray, Mental Wellness Counselor Facilitator, ext. 116
  • Crystal Howard, Mental Wellness Counselor Facilitator, ext. 117
  • Brenna Doolan, Youth Wellness Counselor Facilitator, ext. 120
  • Joe Sullivan, Youth Wellness Counselor Facilitator, ext. 119
  • Valerie Joseph, Cultural Wellness Counselor Facilitator, ext. 121
  • Mitchell Touragneau, Cultural Wellness Counselor Facilitator, ext. 118
  • Elaine Bissonnette, Intake Worker/Navigator, ext. 110 (Cree, Big River,SK)
  • Valerie Doolan, Reception, ext. 113

Current Events

Holiday Brunch

December 3, 2019

Holiday Brunch

When: Tuesday, December 17th, 2019 at 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM -- Open to the community. Where: Cedar Room at MVISS - 2732 East Hastings StreetMenu: Pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit salad, and yogurt  


Candle Vigil

December 3, 2019

Candle Vigil

YOU’RE INVITED TO THE CANDLE VIGIL.  Share a light meal, a few stories, and songs as we honor the loss of our loved ones. Self-care package and candle provided for you. Drop-in and meet the wellness team, and learn about services available in the new year, 2020!  


Program Calendars

August 27, 2019

Program Calendars

  Programs Calendars    



Contact Us

Phone: 604-255-2394

Suite 100 – 2732 East Hastings Street, Vancouver BC V5L 3X3 (corner of Slocan, 2nd floor)