Indigenous Mental Wellness Counselor & Facilitator

April 25, 2019


  • Have a Masters Degree in a related field (MSW/RSW; M.A. Psychology; M. Ed in Counseling, etc.) with minimum 3 years experience; or an Undergraduate Degree with minimum 5 years experience in Mental Wellness and Substance Use issues;
  • Have a strong capacity to lead and facilitate healing groups, including substantial writing of new and evolving programs, especially experience with Men’s Healing Programs;
  • Have a strong sense of your own Indigenous culture (and others) and be able to apply these strengths into the healing services being offered;
  • Have done substantial personal healing to better connect with those seeking our support;
  • Have a solid understanding of problematic substance use and the underlying root causes that contribute to these challenges;
  • Be able to define trauma and how it manifests itself in Indigenous lives while supporting strategies to heal from historical traumas;
  • Apply your skills, education, and experiences in a wide variety of approaches to facilitate healing and wellness, including group healing; 1-1 counseling; family counseling, etc.;
  • Contribute positively to a healing environment;
  • Experience managing caseloads, assessments, referrals, etc.
  • Experience developing & delivering healing & psycho-educational type supports, such as on suicide prevention, substance use/misuse, anxiety and depression, historical trauma, grief and loss, child sexual abuse, lateral violence, grief & loss, Residential School impacts, etc.;
  • Provide community engagement, outreach and capacity building exercises;
  • Be competent in applying western-based & Indigenous healing approaches/methods;
  • Assets include active involvement in recovery fellowships; counseling certifications, etc.

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